Wulian 720P HD Wireless Smart LookEver Camera


Main Features:
2 Wireless Network: Support IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.11 b/g/n protocol
ZigBee Technology: A smart home system communication protocol featuring short distance, low complexity, low energy consumption, low bit rate, low case and high security
WiFi Connection: Support wireless, you can put it anywhere you want, and easy to install
720P High Definition: 720P footage, the definition is 3 times higher than ordinary cameras
Account Sharing: Support multi-user access, you can share your video with friends by inputting their accounts
Video Playback: Micro SD card playback at anytime, support video playback on client side
SD Card Storage: Safe and permanent storage of video, support Micro SD local storage up to 32G(not included), you can playback at any time
Talkback Function: MIC and loud-speaker are offered, two-way intercom, communication will be more convenient
Motion Detection Technology: The smart phone will receive alarm when abnormal motion is detected, you could check the real-time status of your home property anytime and anywhere
Support Zoom Shot: Zoom shot available
Phone Monitor: User can receive message and watch videos remotely via smart phone and PC
Real Time Intercom Function makes it easy for you to have video chat with your family even if far away from home
High Compression Ratio: Adopts H.264 compression format and low bandwidth makes for clear and smooth image of remote camera shooting
111 Degree Wide View Angle Lens: Meet your different needs
APP Remote Control, get rid of the traditional infant care is restricted by distance from the problem
Super Compatibility: Support for iPhone 6S / 6S Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / iPad Pro / iPad / iOS 7.0 or above and Android 4.0 or above smart device
• Also can be used as a security guard
• High definition optical glass lens with F2.0 makes the image of camera shooting clear and stable
• No dead angle monitoring with 360 degrees of pan and greater than 180 degrees of tilt rotation angle
• Delicate appearance and no wiring in installation
• Artistic APP interface with easy operation
• Specially designed for the baby and old people, nurse, can be timely monitor screen and passed on to the user’s mobile phone / computer
• User even if born in field, also can see children in the home through the device, clear images, and can through the mobile phone and care for the intercom / listening

• The gateway function of this product currently only supports Wulian ZigBee-based products
• Black color is 2.8mm Zoom, it can associated with 1 Wulian products
• White color is 3.6mm Zoom, it can associated with 3 Wulian products
• Blue color is 4.0mm Zoom, it can associated with 6 Wulian products



The Comparison and Future of ZigBee and Z-Wave

 Zigbee-vs-Zwave ZigBee and ZWAVE wireless technology are applied in remote monitoring and control. However, their specification and application are quite different.
1. ZigBee can configure and realize almost all short-distance wireless functions which make it more general than Z-WAVE. Its application standard largely shortens development period of common application. For instance, ZigBee can be used in home automation, smart grid and remote control, etc. However, Z-WAVE can only be used in home automation.
2. ZWave chip can only be obtained from Sigma Designs. ZigBee module can be obtained from many sources such as Ember, Freescale, Microchip, and Texas instruments, Atmel, CEL, Digi, Jennic, Lemos and RFM.
3. Many members of Fortune 500 companies support and join ZigBee alliance while Z-WAVE technology alliance has less support. ZIGBEE will be promoted at a large scale. Obviously, ZigBee technology is going to be the trend across the world in the future.
4. The typology structures of ZigBee are mesh, stellate and tree. ZWAVE only has a tree structure. ZigBee can be used in direct communication. However, most application is based on stellate and tree typology structures. The master node controls other connections, if one connection fails to communicate with another connection, these two connections will be treated as repeater to link other connections in communication range. ZigBee has 65000 nodes while Z-WAVE has 232 nodes.
5. ZigBee has a more superior transmission speed. The data transmission frequency of ZigBee is 250KBPS while the one of Z-WAVE is 9.6KBPS.
6.  Even though ZigBee protocol is more complex than Z-WAVE protocol, ZigBee has more functions. The single channel of Z-WAVE is not capable of this mission. However, FHSS technology of ZIGBEE can be used to its maximum. For the experts of building automation, this function is critical in  apartments, office buildings and other short-gapped occasions. Because it stands a great chance that Z-WAVE network will intrude in your network.


Together, Piper + the Fibaro Motion Sensor create the ultimate security beast


For those of you who already own the Piper smart security camera, or are thinking about expanding your home’s security features with smart devices, you can now double up your home’s security by pairing it with the Fibaro motion sensor.

This is just one more (VERY big and epic) way to use the Fibaro motion sensor.

Watch the 2 minute video below on how to easily bridge Piper nv (the newest version) with our motion sensor for the smartest home security option out there. It’s so easy that just about anyone can do it. In under 5 minutes you can have top notch security installed by you, the person who knows your home the best. Happy connecting!

Intelligent Homes are Here! 6 things to Check before Buying a home automation system…….


  1. Price
    The home automation is a niche market in this stage and yet a customer has a range of choices from affordable systems starting at INR 5000 thousand to more than INR 4 lakhs for automating the entire house. However, customers must be wary of choosing a product based on its price alone. Weighing in multiple criteria, a solid home automation system at a spend of INR 1–1.5 lakhs is worth the investment.
  2. Installation
    One of the most overlooked factors in a home automation is the simplicity of the product — not only in terms of the user experience but also in terms of the installation process. An easy-to-install home automation product is not only a reflection of the customer-centric design principles used but also a practical consideration for the customer when the system needs to be refitted to one’s new house, if ever.
  3. IR control
    A good home automation system not only controls devices but also integrates as many appliances as possible. One of the problems of home automation products manufactured by named appliance brands is that it is only compatible with the brand’s devices and you cannot integrate other manufacturers’ products. To develop a way around this problem companies are using new technologies to great effect and one such example has been the use of Infrared (IR) blasters in the system. IR controls lets you control multiple appliances which respond to IR signals — which include almost all remote-controlled devices.
  4. A Human Touch
    With increasing complexity in the behind-the-scenes technology, there’s a risk that the system itself becomes increasingly difficult to use with devices. A good home automation system must therefore be as easy to use as possible. Most home automation systems have their own mobile apps. Opt for a system that doesn’t have multiple apps to control different things i.e. all the controls and features should be within a single app that is both user friendly and easy to use.
  5. Data Security
    With major breakthrough in communication protocols and wireless technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) surely offers some great opportunity in home automation, but one of the major concerns since the dawn of IoT has been integrity of the system when attacked by the hackers. Recently Wired covered a story about security breach, it surely shocked the world and reminded us of the dangers of hyper-connectivity. A good parameter for choosing a secure home automation system should not only be the external security measures (CCTV, IP Camera, Video Door Phone/Bell), but also the internal security measures a system provides considering the threats from hackers also. Watch out for the grade of encryption protocols used to keep your data safe.
  6. Refitting
    One of the most common reasons for not adopting home automation solutions is that people don’t own apartments, they rent them and then keep shifting as tenants. So how would they shift/move their automation systems? However, even if you are a tenant, installing a home automation system should no longer be a problem, as long as the manufacturer offers a flexible and easy to understand refitting/ re-installation policy. Thus, your home automation solution moves with you to your new place, just as any of your furniture.homefx


Moving to a new home? Is it a Smart home? Fill up the sign up form for a free site inspection and an opportunity to upgrade to a new Smart Home.

Leaf Technologies are a Mumbai based company offering a home automation product called Air. We are the only company offering a refitting solution in India.Homefx  Automation Took Distributor and Dealer for South India… We use state of the art encryption and complex algorithms to ensure the integrity of the system is intact in worst conditions. To know more about us, check out our Website

Is owning a smart home really a smart choice?


Technology has been constantly touching lives, with never-imagined devices flooding the global market. Smart homes, a concept for making the human living much more advanced and comfortable, has been gaining popularity and has slowly made its way into the market, especially since IOT became more popular. With smart home products getting more affordable, it’s clear that smart homes aren’t just for billionaires anymore, and upgrading to a smart home is much more simpler than you may think. But new technology always makes a man skeptical of its value in his life, and he often ends up ignoring it because of the confusion. So let’s find out if upgrading to a smart home is really a smart decision or not.


Smart homes have great practical applications, the most important one being of energy saving. As the user has total control over the appliances, the energy sucking appliances can be shut when not needed. Also, smart homes can recognize when the house is empty, and can save power by shutting down the unwanted appliances. With apps getting more and more advanced, users can get a whole bunch of information, including the estimated electricity bill for the month.

Another very important reason for having a smart home is better home security. Most smart home solutions provide better security with the help of their motion sensors, alerting you if there is an unwanted intrusion. If there indeed is an intrusion and you are not around, you can trigger a siren (if connected at home) through the app to notify the people around. In some smart homes, there is the feature of your door locking and unlocking automatically without needing a key. So, if by mistake you forget to close the door in hurry, or you forget your keys, there’s no need to worry as the door will automatically control itself.


Smart homes can also prevent a disaster from taking place. For example, if your home is prone to water leaks, a moisture sensor can notify you if there is a water leak happening at your home, hence giving you time to rectify it before it worsens. With the help of various sensors like temperature and humidity sensors, smart homes can also keep you away from being sick, by notifying you if the level of humidity or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) is high. And with these sensors in place, your smart home will make sure you get the perfect sleep by setting the room to an optimal temperature for your body.

Comfort is something we all desire, and with a smart home your life will surely become much more comfortable. You won’t have to get up to switch off the lights, or get frustrated over finding the remote of the air conditioner. There’s no need to wake up to those irritating alarm ringtones, as you can set your lights to gradually get brighter and wake you up with less irritation. And with options for scheduling, you can create schedules for your lights and other appliances, without having to switch the on and off every time. A great time saver indeed!


Keeping this in mind it makes sense to say that upgrading to a smart home is more of a necessity than a luxury. And with better installation processes, upgrading to a smart home shouldn’t be a difficulty at all. A better lifestyle, reduced bills and better home security- having a smart home is undoubtedly a smart decision.Air is a Smart home automation solution that looks cool, saves power

wulian ZigBee home automation system

Why Spend too much money on 1 Smart Switch ?



Smart home has not yet entered the track of mature development, but all kinds of price wars have started, we can find “freezing point” low-cost intelligent household products everywhere. As the saying goes, “man struggles upwards, price flows downwards”, the low and popular price of smart home is the trend of the future, however the low price strategy, let people can no longer value the intelligent household products, the present high price become a reason of difficult to popularize for intelligent household. But, everybody has been focusing on low prices, so what kind of price is cheap?

It’s not difficult to find that normal switch just cost a few dollars in market, according to normal usage, those switches could achieve function of turn on/off for linked devices, which is enough for basic demand. So smart switch is expensive and not practical.

Max ever said that, the things with different nature can’t compared. Although they are both switches with same basic function, smart switch is different from normal switch on nature. Take the Wireless Smart Switch from Wulian as example, which can not only control the devices locally, but also can linked with smart phone and realize remote control, it also supports real-time monitor, can feed back the information of device’s status. The switch can also be linked with other devices to realize intelligent alize, for example, when a child is reading book and forget to turn on the light while dark rising, light sensor would link switch to light on automatically. Possess huge advance on both safety and stability, with high technological content. On the contrary, normal switch can just turn on/off the linked device, has no comparability with smart devices. It’s unreasonable that link the function of smart switch with the price of normal switch.

In any case, intelligent household products prices will come down sooner or later. However the industry and technology of smart home is not mature yet, and the price level can’t reach public receptivity, but which not means expensive. Whether the price of smart home product is high or not, need to be evaluated combined with the requirements and economic capability of public, as well as the performance, experience, service, perhaps the smart switch worth 100 dollars is just the one you need.



ZigBee Technology Highlights the Advantage of Wulian


At the beginning of 2014, Google announced that its buying connected device maker NestLabs for $3.2 billion in cash. It also showed that Google had a long-term plan for getting into the smart home industry. During the last International CES, many suppliers of home appliances showed their latest home automation products and home automation solutions. This indicated home automation will be an inevitable trend in the global market.

Until now, several kinds of wireless technologies used in smart homes, like ZigBee, Z-wave, WIFI, 315MHz, and 433MHz. From the table below, we can see, compared to other technologies, ZigBee is the best for smart homes.





International Standard
































The wireless technology for smart homes used in Wulian is SmartRoom, which is based on ZigBee. The SmartRoom Alliance has also been set up. Good technology is the basis of good products.

Wulian has six brands with more than 70 kinds of patents. All of Wulian’s products haveadopted Wireless ZigBee technology and Wulian is the only supplier who can supply the whole set of home automation system and solutions in the world as a deep partner of ZigBee Alliance. We have more than 100 kinds of series of wireless products and 12 home automation systems, including the fire alarm system, home security system, lighting control system, home theater system, HVAC, save energy system, environment control system, home care system, CCTV, wireless window blinds system, wireless irrigation system, smart parking system, and more. Now Wulian reaches up 1,300 distributors, 20,000 dealers in China, and 50 countries in overseas markets at this moment.


With rapid development, Wulian’s cooperation partners are involved in multi-industries include lighting, household electrical appliances, security, construction (such as apartments, villas, office buildings, hotels, and more), and telecom. Wulian welcome your business no matterwhat industry you are in now.

The vision of Wulian is to enable individuals to truly sense the world in an expeditious and efficient manner. They have developed various sensors to help people around the world receive information directly, freely, and equally by eradicating layers of information transfers that slow down response time and easeofuse. They make technologies and products greenly and more efficiently, as all the products are sensitive to the world.

Technology not only decides the future of a company, but also the future of the world. Wulian will continue innovation undoubtedly. However, Wulian noticed that their efforts are not enough to change the world alone, and sincerely want to cooperate with their partners.


For more information, http://www.homefxindia.com

Leaf Technologies Air Launches Smart Home Automation Kit

Have you ever rushed to your house suspecting that you may have accidentally kept the iron turned on? How do you deter a burglar from breaking into your house? You probably would rush to your house and manually turn off the switch in the first instance, and get a burglar alarm for the next. But what if there were a single solution for both? Humans are delegating a lot of menial and repetitive tasks to machines. And as far as errands in your house and offices are concerned, the good news is – you can control appliances through your smart phone.


Introducing Air: Your Smart Home

Air app, which is available on both Android and Apple platforms, interacts with your devices and switches them off with a single tap.


The app is complemented with a package that consists of a pentagonal-shaped unit and switchboard module. Once you install air unit; your smartphone can interact with it using the Air App. Thereafter, the unit instructs the switchboard to carry out the action.

It provides credible insurance against any eventuality. Air Home Automation Kit is equipped with intelligent sensors that pick up unwanted intrusion and works as a burglar alarm too. An old adage says that prevention is better than cure and the same holds good when you go out to look for a credible insurance for your family. Besides, it is more cost effective to make a one-time investment in this tool than putting your money on various insurances and equipment.

A typical automation gadget (including Air) comes up with three intelligent features, they are:

  • Real-Time Motion Detection: While most of the gadgets work fine, the challenge lies in differentiating between a human motion and that of an object. A reputed company invests a lot of resources in research and development and ensures that the sensors don’t make wrong predictions.
  • Universal Control: These gadgets integrate very well with other remotes so that you don’t have to look for device specific remotes. That translates into less cluttered surroundings and enormous simplification.
  • Sensors: Humidity, temperature and many other sensors attribute to perfect automation. On a humid day, you might opt for a cooler temperature, and a gadget that takes numerous factors into account will make the right adjustments.

Machines are more cost effective to buy and maintain. Moreover, there is absolutely no scope for mistakes. That’s why automation is such a credible insurance against untoward incidents like switched on appliances or reliable guard against burglar breaking into your house.

You go on Holiday. Smart homes don’t.

One thing we look forward to every year was our vacation. Read on to see why connecting to your home while you’re off in paradise can save you money, energy,and stress.

Holiday Mode

All you need to do when you leave the house is lock the doors, set the security alarm, and set the lights to come on at a certain time to deter any suspicious activity – all of which can be done with your home automation system from your phone or tablet. This can all be set up to activate with one command.  Additionally, you can set certain lights to come on randomly throughout the evening to give the illusion that someone is home.


Flood Damage

Using connected flood sensors with your home automation system, you’ll be able to receive alerts when there is a potential flooding issue – whether the water tank burst or a pipe is leaking.  In addition, you can also have a pre-determined setting so that if water is detected, the shut-off valve will automatically close, saving you and your home from further damage.  When this happens, your system will send you a notification as well.


Energy Savings

In addition,  Z-Wave outlet connected with your home automation system allows you to turn off energy to appliances – such as a curling iron, TV, cable box or coffee maker – to keep costs down and your home safer.

Close your home

Did you have a “Home Alone” moment where you think you left the garage door open? Instead of letting this ruin your trip, know for sure by checking your home automation app. You can see if the garage door is open, and if it is,just close it by selecting the close garage option.

With the ability to control your home from anywhere, you can enjoy your time away knowing exactly what is (or isn’t) happening.


Wake up feeling refreshed and rested with Sense

Meet Sense. Sense is a simple system that tracks your sleep behavior, monitors the environment of your bedroom and reinvents the alarm.  Imagine that you can wake up every morning and feel fresh and rested.

Your internal clock helps your body decide when it’s time to fall asleep and wake up. Disruptions to your natural rhythm — like a loud, harsh alarm jolting you out of deep sleep — can leave you feeling groggy, and affect your ability to think and perform well.


Unlike a normal alarm, Sense’s Smart Alarm analyzes your sleep cycle to know when you’re sleeping lightly, and wakes you up at the optimal time to start your day off right. No more stress in the morning.Sense