Wulian Smart Home On Display in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, April 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Wulian will exhibit its latest smart home products and solutions at the 2016 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) from April 13-16. With a vision for a better world and a smart life, Wulian has been making progressive effort in the research and development of smart home infrastructures and providing solutions for the construction of smart homes, smart hospitality, smart elder-care, smart offices and intelligent communities.

Organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the 2016 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) is a professional platform for exhibitors to showcase their cutting-edge technology products and make acquaintance with potential business partners worldwide. Exhibiting electronics products and services cover a wide range including navigation systems, 3D printing, wearables, IoT, eco-friendly products, telecommunications products & testing, unmanned tech, audio-visual products, branded electronics, and more.

As a professional manufacturer for smart home products and solutions, Wulian is not limited to home automation, but also carries products in categories such as smart sensing, smart lighting, health monitoring, security guard and morewhich produces more intelligent functions and brings more comfort, ease and security to lifeAt this fair, Wulian will show visitors how they can experience Wulian‘sproducts applications in a household, and truly understand the concept of a smart home and how the changes brought by Wulian‘s smart home solutions can make a difference in daily living.

Based on the ZigBee protocol, there are more than 200 terminal devices in Wulian‘s Smart Home system, satisfying more than 95% customers’ requirements for Smart Home livingAt this fair, Wulian willhave for specialized sections to exhibit products in smart home security, smart environment monitoring, smart lighting control and smart home appliance control. Catering to the needs of different customers, Wulian products also comply with identification and marking requirements from different regions and countries like CE marking, FCC identification, or RCM.

As Wulian‘s smart home products have become increasingly competitive in the global market, more and more global programs are adopting the company’s solutions; for example, Lemar Smart Villas in Saudi Arabia, Smart Apartment in the Elephant Building of Thailand, and also other projects in countries and regions like North America, Australia, South America, Russia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

The Internet of Things, one of the major technology trends in recent years, connects a bewildering array of products, from cars to devices in the home. Wulian, dedicating to the development of smart home technology, will release its latest smart home products at the 2016 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition).

Door Guardian57519.589125

With the typical function of a door peephole, this exquisitely designed product has a built-in camera for remote viewing through linkage control with Wulian‘s Smart Home App, and it is also enabled with motion detection, which is definitely a reliable guardian for home security. Users can also talk to guests remotely through bi-directional communication.

Smart Retina Doorlock


This product has multiple methods for door opening, such as NFC, Fingerprint, Password, Card, and users can also open the door through remote control on the App. When linked to a smart home system, it can also perform as a trigger to activate the “Home Scene” when users come home from work. It also supports PIR and there is a camera to picture illegal intruders and send an alarm message to a user’s mobile terminals (mobile phone, tablets, smart watch, etc.). When threatened by criminals, users can open the door by stress mode and thus family members will be notified immediately.

Mini Gateway

maxresdefault (1)

The smallest gateway in the Smart Home industry. This delicate, tiny device is portable and can also function as a night lamp and WiFi signal repeater. With a built-in infrared sensor, the gateway can sense body movements and automatically turn on the night lamp function for the user’s convenience at night. If connected to the doorbell, it can do voice broadcasting when someone is at the door.


Cylin Cam


Cylincam enables IR night vision and two-way communication. It provides voice broadcasting and colorful lighting and also supports environmental detection of PM2.5, VOC, CO2, noise and humidity. With a cutting-edge design, it looks smart and can rotate 360 degrees when taking monitoring videos with 1080P HD resolution.

The products on display will also include smart switches, a wireless contact detector, PIR motion detector, mobile socket, and more, which are not only stylish in design, but also popular in the smart home global market for their comprehensive functions. Nowadays, more and more authorities and agencies provide data showing the increasing purchasing power of smart home devices, and the market for Smart Home has also become more in-demand.

It is widely believed that smart homes will become more and more popularized and more opportunities and co-operations are going to happen to create a better world, and a smarter life for us and futuregenerations. Wulian welcomes you to visit the booth at 5F-G12/14, 5G-A11/13.

About Wulian

Wulian started in 2005 and set up ZigBee Professional Research Department in 2007. In 2009, it was formally founded and began to research and promote IoT wireless smart home devices and solutions. In 2015, Wulian joined the ZigBee Alliance at the “Promoter” level. Through years of technology accumulation, Wulian has thrived in the IoT industry with 48 invention patents and smart home projects worldwide. The current product range involves smart sensors, controllers, lighting, security, gardening,and more.

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wulian ZigBee home automation system

Why Spend too much money on 1 Smart Switch ?



Smart home has not yet entered the track of mature development, but all kinds of price wars have started, we can find “freezing point” low-cost intelligent household products everywhere. As the saying goes, “man struggles upwards, price flows downwards”, the low and popular price of smart home is the trend of the future, however the low price strategy, let people can no longer value the intelligent household products, the present high price become a reason of difficult to popularize for intelligent household. But, everybody has been focusing on low prices, so what kind of price is cheap?

It’s not difficult to find that normal switch just cost a few dollars in market, according to normal usage, those switches could achieve function of turn on/off for linked devices, which is enough for basic demand. So smart switch is expensive and not practical.

Max ever said that, the things with different nature can’t compared. Although they are both switches with same basic function, smart switch is different from normal switch on nature. Take the Wireless Smart Switch from Wulian as example, which can not only control the devices locally, but also can linked with smart phone and realize remote control, it also supports real-time monitor, can feed back the information of device’s status. The switch can also be linked with other devices to realize intelligent alize, for example, when a child is reading book and forget to turn on the light while dark rising, light sensor would link switch to light on automatically. Possess huge advance on both safety and stability, with high technological content. On the contrary, normal switch can just turn on/off the linked device, has no comparability with smart devices. It’s unreasonable that link the function of smart switch with the price of normal switch.

In any case, intelligent household products prices will come down sooner or later. However the industry and technology of smart home is not mature yet, and the price level can’t reach public receptivity, but which not means expensive. Whether the price of smart home product is high or not, need to be evaluated combined with the requirements and economic capability of public, as well as the performance, experience, service, perhaps the smart switch worth 100 dollars is just the one you need.



ZigBee Technology Highlights the Advantage of Wulian


At the beginning of 2014, Google announced that its buying connected device maker NestLabs for $3.2 billion in cash. It also showed that Google had a long-term plan for getting into the smart home industry. During the last International CES, many suppliers of home appliances showed their latest home automation products and home automation solutions. This indicated home automation will be an inevitable trend in the global market.

Until now, several kinds of wireless technologies used in smart homes, like ZigBee, Z-wave, WIFI, 315MHz, and 433MHz. From the table below, we can see, compared to other technologies, ZigBee is the best for smart homes.





International Standard
































The wireless technology for smart homes used in Wulian is SmartRoom, which is based on ZigBee. The SmartRoom Alliance has also been set up. Good technology is the basis of good products.

Wulian has six brands with more than 70 kinds of patents. All of Wulian’s products haveadopted Wireless ZigBee technology and Wulian is the only supplier who can supply the whole set of home automation system and solutions in the world as a deep partner of ZigBee Alliance. We have more than 100 kinds of series of wireless products and 12 home automation systems, including the fire alarm system, home security system, lighting control system, home theater system, HVAC, save energy system, environment control system, home care system, CCTV, wireless window blinds system, wireless irrigation system, smart parking system, and more. Now Wulian reaches up 1,300 distributors, 20,000 dealers in China, and 50 countries in overseas markets at this moment.


With rapid development, Wulian’s cooperation partners are involved in multi-industries include lighting, household electrical appliances, security, construction (such as apartments, villas, office buildings, hotels, and more), and telecom. Wulian welcome your business no matterwhat industry you are in now.

The vision of Wulian is to enable individuals to truly sense the world in an expeditious and efficient manner. They have developed various sensors to help people around the world receive information directly, freely, and equally by eradicating layers of information transfers that slow down response time and easeofuse. They make technologies and products greenly and more efficiently, as all the products are sensitive to the world.

Technology not only decides the future of a company, but also the future of the world. Wulian will continue innovation undoubtedly. However, Wulian noticed that their efforts are not enough to change the world alone, and sincerely want to cooperate with their partners.


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Air is a Smart home automation solution that looks cool, saves power

Despite all the web-based services we use every day, the internet and our daily lives have a boundary between them. However, the Internet of Things — commonly known as IOT — is all set to bridge that boundary, and thus connect our real life to the internet in such a way that we can make our lives smart! In an always-growing field like Internet of Things, Air is a new member but a truly revolutionary one.

You’d have seen many automation systems for your home; usually, a very bulky system requiring a complete rewiring of your house, letting you only switch on/off your appliances without much flexibility. This is where Air becomes fresh; it leverages the power of IOT, bringing a whole new experience with your home in a very sleek and compact form. In short, Air is the new-generation, smart and impressive manager for your home electronic appliances, making it a sold out product within just one month after its launch. In this post, we will have an in-detail overview of the product and technology behind and why it makes sense to get Air for your home.


Air — Things You Should Know

Air is designed and developed by Leaf Technologies Private Limited, a company from Mumbai, India. The company has been quite successful in creating a home automation suite that doesn’t require you to dig out all the switchboards and rewire. Instead, with the existing wiring system and appliances you have, Air can be installed in an effective way to control all your appliances. You can make your home appliances smart, with not much effort. From installation to maintenance, there is experts’ support available from Air. And we should say, Air is just charming.

Air — Design & Technology

Given that there’s a Wi-Fi router in your home with a good Internet connection setting up Air is a simple task. Air can be classified into two parts, and they are as follows.

There’s the Air room unit, which acts as the bridge between your controls and appliances. This small, black and shiny pentagonal box has all the necessary sensors and technologies that make your home smarter, from the usability point of view. From a temperature sensor that detects fire to a universal IR remote control system for managing your appliances, Air would do the job perfectly fine. The room unit grants you access to a plethora of features, giving you control of all your appliances in the palm of your hand.


The other part of Air is the switchboard modules, which are connected behind your existing switchboards, to give control to Air. Once you have attached the modules to the switchboard, the modules can establish a Bluetooth-based connection between your home appliances and Air room unit.

Once Air room unit and switchboard modules have been installed successfully, you can use the Air app — available for both Android and iOS — and start controlling your home appliances, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.

Air App — Control through Smartphones

With Air, you can turn your Smartphone into a universal remote control for all your home appliances, from your AC to fans, from ambient lights to heaters. You can even have advanced control options such as adjustment of temperature and intensity of light.


Also, you will be notified about a variety of things happening at your home; let that be a leakage of gas, an intrusion or an energy spike. The app lets you create various schedules for easier management of appliances. And what’s more, you can even add members of your family to control appliances!

Why Should You Get Air for Your Home?

There are several reasons why you should do that! We are going to list out the most prominent ones, from the user’s point of view.

  • Smarter Management of Home Appliances

By installing Air at your home, you’re bringing appliances management into the next level! As we said earlier, you can toggle or adjust your home appliances using the Smartphone application of Air. Apart from that, when you’ve given it a time of 21 days, Air would learn your habits, preferences, etc. to get you personalized results. And this feature is aptly named Magic Touch.

Air would be able to control your home appliances in a manner that is safer and efficient regarding energy usage. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your room is in your desired temperature when you get home after work? Well, that’s what Magic Touch does in the literal sense.

There’s also a feature named One Touch. By placing your hands on the Air unit’s touch-sensitive surface, you can switch on a variety of home appliances. This is good when you need an all-set environment in your home, in no time. And regarding the issue of appliance scheduling, there’s both regular manual Scheduling and Smart Scheduling options available in Air.

A summer BBQ needs a smart home automation


The season of outdoor entertainment is upon us, and we couldn’t be happier!  With all of the various outdoor parties – birthdays, engagement celebrations, promotions, etc. – make sure your home is smart and ready to accommodate your busy entertaining schedule, while also impressing your guests.

Imagine, you’ve finished prepping the veggie tray in the kitchen when you hear a knock at the door. At the same time, you’ve received a notification that the motion sensor detected movement, the live camera feed comes up directly your phone. Instead of stopping what you’re doing to go open the door, simply unlock it with the push of a button on your phone and let the guest know to “come on in!”

As the guests continue to arrive, you can keep letting them in without leaving the backyard.


With a flow of people going in and out of the home to use the bathroom, you get a notification from your home center that several doors have been open more than set time and the AC is running.  The pop up message asks you if you would like to turn the AC off.  You can do it without having to walk away from your conversation by simply opening your app and hitting a button.

The party is a success, and has now gone past sunset. With the push of a button, turn on your outdoor entertaining scene, which turns on the patio and sidewalk lighting, and activates some mellow background music.


When it’s time for dessert, turn on the coffee maker while relaxing in a lounge chair.

Not only does a smart home provide you with convenience, it also allows you to spend more time with your guests. With a home like this, not only will you be King of the Grill, you’ll be King of the Summer.

Leaf Technologies Air Launches Smart Home Automation Kit

Have you ever rushed to your house suspecting that you may have accidentally kept the iron turned on? How do you deter a burglar from breaking into your house? You probably would rush to your house and manually turn off the switch in the first instance, and get a burglar alarm for the next. But what if there were a single solution for both? Humans are delegating a lot of menial and repetitive tasks to machines. And as far as errands in your house and offices are concerned, the good news is – you can control appliances through your smart phone.


Introducing Air: Your Smart Home

Air app, which is available on both Android and Apple platforms, interacts with your devices and switches them off with a single tap.


The app is complemented with a package that consists of a pentagonal-shaped unit and switchboard module. Once you install air unit; your smartphone can interact with it using the Air App. Thereafter, the unit instructs the switchboard to carry out the action.

It provides credible insurance against any eventuality. Air Home Automation Kit is equipped with intelligent sensors that pick up unwanted intrusion and works as a burglar alarm too. An old adage says that prevention is better than cure and the same holds good when you go out to look for a credible insurance for your family. Besides, it is more cost effective to make a one-time investment in this tool than putting your money on various insurances and equipment.

A typical automation gadget (including Air) comes up with three intelligent features, they are:

  • Real-Time Motion Detection: While most of the gadgets work fine, the challenge lies in differentiating between a human motion and that of an object. A reputed company invests a lot of resources in research and development and ensures that the sensors don’t make wrong predictions.
  • Universal Control: These gadgets integrate very well with other remotes so that you don’t have to look for device specific remotes. That translates into less cluttered surroundings and enormous simplification.
  • Sensors: Humidity, temperature and many other sensors attribute to perfect automation. On a humid day, you might opt for a cooler temperature, and a gadget that takes numerous factors into account will make the right adjustments.

Machines are more cost effective to buy and maintain. Moreover, there is absolutely no scope for mistakes. That’s why automation is such a credible insurance against untoward incidents like switched on appliances or reliable guard against burglar breaking into your house.

You go on Holiday. Smart homes don’t.

One thing we look forward to every year was our vacation. Read on to see why connecting to your home while you’re off in paradise can save you money, energy,and stress.

Holiday Mode

All you need to do when you leave the house is lock the doors, set the security alarm, and set the lights to come on at a certain time to deter any suspicious activity – all of which can be done with your home automation system from your phone or tablet. This can all be set up to activate with one command.  Additionally, you can set certain lights to come on randomly throughout the evening to give the illusion that someone is home.


Flood Damage

Using connected flood sensors with your home automation system, you’ll be able to receive alerts when there is a potential flooding issue – whether the water tank burst or a pipe is leaking.  In addition, you can also have a pre-determined setting so that if water is detected, the shut-off valve will automatically close, saving you and your home from further damage.  When this happens, your system will send you a notification as well.


Energy Savings

In addition,  Z-Wave outlet connected with your home automation system allows you to turn off energy to appliances – such as a curling iron, TV, cable box or coffee maker – to keep costs down and your home safer.

Close your home

Did you have a “Home Alone” moment where you think you left the garage door open? Instead of letting this ruin your trip, know for sure by checking your home automation app. You can see if the garage door is open, and if it is,just close it by selecting the close garage option.

With the ability to control your home from anywhere, you can enjoy your time away knowing exactly what is (or isn’t) happening.


Wake up feeling refreshed and rested with Sense

Meet Sense. Sense is a simple system that tracks your sleep behavior, monitors the environment of your bedroom and reinvents the alarm.  Imagine that you can wake up every morning and feel fresh and rested.

Your internal clock helps your body decide when it’s time to fall asleep and wake up. Disruptions to your natural rhythm — like a loud, harsh alarm jolting you out of deep sleep — can leave you feeling groggy, and affect your ability to think and perform well.


Unlike a normal alarm, Sense’s Smart Alarm analyzes your sleep cycle to know when you’re sleeping lightly, and wakes you up at the optimal time to start your day off right. No more stress in the morning.Sense

Smart Lighting Control Saves Time and Energy Even Money too

If you’ve never lived in a home that’s been outfitted with a lighting control system, you’re all too familiar with the drill of strolling through the house to manually turn of every light before bedtime, your departure for work and vacation, and times when you simply just want to save electricity. It’s not terribly hard, but it is time-consuming and tedious

There are absolutely no excuses for this type of behavior when a lighting control system is in charge. It’s so easy and convenient to turn lights on and off—even when you’re in a completely different part of the house than the offending fixtures—that you’ll find yourself enjoying the process. There are a number of devices you can use to control your home’s light fixtures, each with its own unique benefits. Here’s a rundown of the types of controllers available with most lighting systems today:


Lutron light 8  button HWIS-8BRL-F

1. A handheld remote control. This type of controller is super handy (no pun intended) when you’ve just gotten comfortable on the sofa and feel the need to switch off and/or dim a few lights. Maybe you want to darken the room for movie watching, catching a catnap, or to meditate. Just a tap of a button on a trusty clicker can do the trick.

2. A wall-mounted keypad. A lighting control keypad is basically the modern version of a light switch—make that several light switches. Each button on a keypad (they can support anywhere from two to eight buttons, typically) can do the job of several traditional light switches. In other words, in a where four switches may have been mounted, you can rely on a single keypad. It’s an attractive, convenient option for every room that supports on-the-fly control of the lights as you walk into the space.

3. A wall-mounted or portable touchpanel. Arguably the most sophisticated style of lighting controller, a touchpanel is ideally suited for initiating commands that alter the settings of lights throughout the entire house. For example, a touchpanel mounted in the foyer could feature a Good Bye button that when pressed turns off every light in the house; a Home button, meanwhile could activate certain groups of lights at certain intensity levels.

4. A smartphone/tablet app. Most manufacturers of lighting control system offer a companion control app for smartphones and tablets. You get the same level of control in a device that probably already own and are comfortable using. Due to their portable nature, they are the controller of choice for operating lights from the back yard, across town or even hundreds of miles away. As long as you’re able to connect to the Internet, a smartphone or tablet can be used to remotely monitor and manage the lights from anywhere in the world.

5.  A Timing Control . Built into most lighting control systems is an astronomical timeclock that enables the operation of your home’s lights to be automated based on sunrise and sunset. This makes it a great control solution for exterior lights, in particular, but can also be useful for managing interior lights. For example, at sunrise each day the lights in the rooms you typically visit as you get ready for work can activate—possibly at a low level then gradually brightening over a certain period of time.

6. A motion sensor. How cool would it be to have the lights in each room turn on and off automatically as you enter and leave? It’s possible by having a motion sensor trigger the lights. In reality, though, motion sensors may automate the lights a little too much for some people. They may be overkill for the common areas of your home, but for closets, powder rooms and other areas where people often forget to turn off the lights—or enter with an armload of items– they can’t be beat.

About Home Automation

What is Home Automation?

Home automation describes a system of networked, controllable devices that work together to make your home more comfortable,  efficient, and secured.These typically connected through Wifi or Power line communication to a hub which is then accessed with a software application.The numerous benefits of today’s home automation solutions include: safety and security, energy savings, money savings, convenience and control. It can also improve the daily life of seniors and the disabled by offering voice control and safety items.

With HomeFx automation, you can control every aspect of your house with just a touch of a button from a tablet, smart phone, touch screen or even a keypad on the wall.family will have peace of mind, no matter where you are. Give your home the smart it deserves.

Hom Automatn

What Home Automation Can Do?