Air is a Smart home automation solution that looks cool, saves power

Despite all the web-based services we use every day, the internet and our daily lives have a boundary between them. However, the Internet of Things — commonly known as IOT — is all set to bridge that boundary, and thus connect our real life to the internet in such a way that we can make our lives smart! In an always-growing field like Internet of Things, Air is a new member but a truly revolutionary one.

You’d have seen many automation systems for your home; usually, a very bulky system requiring a complete rewiring of your house, letting you only switch on/off your appliances without much flexibility. This is where Air becomes fresh; it leverages the power of IOT, bringing a whole new experience with your home in a very sleek and compact form. In short, Air is the new-generation, smart and impressive manager for your home electronic appliances, making it a sold out product within just one month after its launch. In this post, we will have an in-detail overview of the product and technology behind and why it makes sense to get Air for your home.


Air — Things You Should Know

Air is designed and developed by Leaf Technologies Private Limited, a company from Mumbai, India. The company has been quite successful in creating a home automation suite that doesn’t require you to dig out all the switchboards and rewire. Instead, with the existing wiring system and appliances you have, Air can be installed in an effective way to control all your appliances. You can make your home appliances smart, with not much effort. From installation to maintenance, there is experts’ support available from Air. And we should say, Air is just charming.

Air — Design & Technology

Given that there’s a Wi-Fi router in your home with a good Internet connection setting up Air is a simple task. Air can be classified into two parts, and they are as follows.

There’s the Air room unit, which acts as the bridge between your controls and appliances. This small, black and shiny pentagonal box has all the necessary sensors and technologies that make your home smarter, from the usability point of view. From a temperature sensor that detects fire to a universal IR remote control system for managing your appliances, Air would do the job perfectly fine. The room unit grants you access to a plethora of features, giving you control of all your appliances in the palm of your hand.


The other part of Air is the switchboard modules, which are connected behind your existing switchboards, to give control to Air. Once you have attached the modules to the switchboard, the modules can establish a Bluetooth-based connection between your home appliances and Air room unit.

Once Air room unit and switchboard modules have been installed successfully, you can use the Air app — available for both Android and iOS — and start controlling your home appliances, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.

Air App — Control through Smartphones

With Air, you can turn your Smartphone into a universal remote control for all your home appliances, from your AC to fans, from ambient lights to heaters. You can even have advanced control options such as adjustment of temperature and intensity of light.


Also, you will be notified about a variety of things happening at your home; let that be a leakage of gas, an intrusion or an energy spike. The app lets you create various schedules for easier management of appliances. And what’s more, you can even add members of your family to control appliances!

Why Should You Get Air for Your Home?

There are several reasons why you should do that! We are going to list out the most prominent ones, from the user’s point of view.

  • Smarter Management of Home Appliances

By installing Air at your home, you’re bringing appliances management into the next level! As we said earlier, you can toggle or adjust your home appliances using the Smartphone application of Air. Apart from that, when you’ve given it a time of 21 days, Air would learn your habits, preferences, etc. to get you personalized results. And this feature is aptly named Magic Touch.

Air would be able to control your home appliances in a manner that is safer and efficient regarding energy usage. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your room is in your desired temperature when you get home after work? Well, that’s what Magic Touch does in the literal sense.

There’s also a feature named One Touch. By placing your hands on the Air unit’s touch-sensitive surface, you can switch on a variety of home appliances. This is good when you need an all-set environment in your home, in no time. And regarding the issue of appliance scheduling, there’s both regular manual Scheduling and Smart Scheduling options available in Air.


Leaf Technologies Air Launches Smart Home Automation Kit

Have you ever rushed to your house suspecting that you may have accidentally kept the iron turned on? How do you deter a burglar from breaking into your house? You probably would rush to your house and manually turn off the switch in the first instance, and get a burglar alarm for the next. But what if there were a single solution for both? Humans are delegating a lot of menial and repetitive tasks to machines. And as far as errands in your house and offices are concerned, the good news is – you can control appliances through your smart phone.


Introducing Air: Your Smart Home

Air app, which is available on both Android and Apple platforms, interacts with your devices and switches them off with a single tap.


The app is complemented with a package that consists of a pentagonal-shaped unit and switchboard module. Once you install air unit; your smartphone can interact with it using the Air App. Thereafter, the unit instructs the switchboard to carry out the action.

It provides credible insurance against any eventuality. Air Home Automation Kit is equipped with intelligent sensors that pick up unwanted intrusion and works as a burglar alarm too. An old adage says that prevention is better than cure and the same holds good when you go out to look for a credible insurance for your family. Besides, it is more cost effective to make a one-time investment in this tool than putting your money on various insurances and equipment.

A typical automation gadget (including Air) comes up with three intelligent features, they are:

  • Real-Time Motion Detection: While most of the gadgets work fine, the challenge lies in differentiating between a human motion and that of an object. A reputed company invests a lot of resources in research and development and ensures that the sensors don’t make wrong predictions.
  • Universal Control: These gadgets integrate very well with other remotes so that you don’t have to look for device specific remotes. That translates into less cluttered surroundings and enormous simplification.
  • Sensors: Humidity, temperature and many other sensors attribute to perfect automation. On a humid day, you might opt for a cooler temperature, and a gadget that takes numerous factors into account will make the right adjustments.

Machines are more cost effective to buy and maintain. Moreover, there is absolutely no scope for mistakes. That’s why automation is such a credible insurance against untoward incidents like switched on appliances or reliable guard against burglar breaking into your house.

You go on Holiday. Smart homes don’t.

One thing we look forward to every year was our vacation. Read on to see why connecting to your home while you’re off in paradise can save you money, energy,and stress.

Holiday Mode

All you need to do when you leave the house is lock the doors, set the security alarm, and set the lights to come on at a certain time to deter any suspicious activity – all of which can be done with your home automation system from your phone or tablet. This can all be set up to activate with one command.  Additionally, you can set certain lights to come on randomly throughout the evening to give the illusion that someone is home.


Flood Damage

Using connected flood sensors with your home automation system, you’ll be able to receive alerts when there is a potential flooding issue – whether the water tank burst or a pipe is leaking.  In addition, you can also have a pre-determined setting so that if water is detected, the shut-off valve will automatically close, saving you and your home from further damage.  When this happens, your system will send you a notification as well.


Energy Savings

In addition,  Z-Wave outlet connected with your home automation system allows you to turn off energy to appliances – such as a curling iron, TV, cable box or coffee maker – to keep costs down and your home safer.

Close your home

Did you have a “Home Alone” moment where you think you left the garage door open? Instead of letting this ruin your trip, know for sure by checking your home automation app. You can see if the garage door is open, and if it is,just close it by selecting the close garage option.

With the ability to control your home from anywhere, you can enjoy your time away knowing exactly what is (or isn’t) happening.


Wake up feeling refreshed and rested with Sense

Meet Sense. Sense is a simple system that tracks your sleep behavior, monitors the environment of your bedroom and reinvents the alarm.  Imagine that you can wake up every morning and feel fresh and rested.

Your internal clock helps your body decide when it’s time to fall asleep and wake up. Disruptions to your natural rhythm — like a loud, harsh alarm jolting you out of deep sleep — can leave you feeling groggy, and affect your ability to think and perform well.


Unlike a normal alarm, Sense’s Smart Alarm analyzes your sleep cycle to know when you’re sleeping lightly, and wakes you up at the optimal time to start your day off right. No more stress in the morning.Sense

Smart Lighting Control Saves Time and Energy Even Money too

If you’ve never lived in a home that’s been outfitted with a lighting control system, you’re all too familiar with the drill of strolling through the house to manually turn of every light before bedtime, your departure for work and vacation, and times when you simply just want to save electricity. It’s not terribly hard, but it is time-consuming and tedious

There are absolutely no excuses for this type of behavior when a lighting control system is in charge. It’s so easy and convenient to turn lights on and off—even when you’re in a completely different part of the house than the offending fixtures—that you’ll find yourself enjoying the process. There are a number of devices you can use to control your home’s light fixtures, each with its own unique benefits. Here’s a rundown of the types of controllers available with most lighting systems today:


Lutron light 8  button HWIS-8BRL-F

1. A handheld remote control. This type of controller is super handy (no pun intended) when you’ve just gotten comfortable on the sofa and feel the need to switch off and/or dim a few lights. Maybe you want to darken the room for movie watching, catching a catnap, or to meditate. Just a tap of a button on a trusty clicker can do the trick.

2. A wall-mounted keypad. A lighting control keypad is basically the modern version of a light switch—make that several light switches. Each button on a keypad (they can support anywhere from two to eight buttons, typically) can do the job of several traditional light switches. In other words, in a where four switches may have been mounted, you can rely on a single keypad. It’s an attractive, convenient option for every room that supports on-the-fly control of the lights as you walk into the space.

3. A wall-mounted or portable touchpanel. Arguably the most sophisticated style of lighting controller, a touchpanel is ideally suited for initiating commands that alter the settings of lights throughout the entire house. For example, a touchpanel mounted in the foyer could feature a Good Bye button that when pressed turns off every light in the house; a Home button, meanwhile could activate certain groups of lights at certain intensity levels.

4. A smartphone/tablet app. Most manufacturers of lighting control system offer a companion control app for smartphones and tablets. You get the same level of control in a device that probably already own and are comfortable using. Due to their portable nature, they are the controller of choice for operating lights from the back yard, across town or even hundreds of miles away. As long as you’re able to connect to the Internet, a smartphone or tablet can be used to remotely monitor and manage the lights from anywhere in the world.

5.  A Timing Control . Built into most lighting control systems is an astronomical timeclock that enables the operation of your home’s lights to be automated based on sunrise and sunset. This makes it a great control solution for exterior lights, in particular, but can also be useful for managing interior lights. For example, at sunrise each day the lights in the rooms you typically visit as you get ready for work can activate—possibly at a low level then gradually brightening over a certain period of time.

6. A motion sensor. How cool would it be to have the lights in each room turn on and off automatically as you enter and leave? It’s possible by having a motion sensor trigger the lights. In reality, though, motion sensors may automate the lights a little too much for some people. They may be overkill for the common areas of your home, but for closets, powder rooms and other areas where people often forget to turn off the lights—or enter with an armload of items– they can’t be beat.

How to Keep Hackers out of your smart home


Smart home  technology has the potential to streamline your life and make everything from getting out of bed in the morning to locking up at night easier. Investing in home automated systems and appliances with Wi-Fi capability and mobile integration is one of the simplest ways to join the smart home revolution.  It’s easy to assume that  home automation system with security applications will, itself, be secure. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Home Automation Isn’t Perfectly Secure?

When it comes to home automation system, the security of your personal Internet of Things (IoT) can’t be overlooked. On the surface, it’s as simple as connecting your Wi-Fi enabled coffee maker to your smartphone to make sure you wake to freshly brewed every morning. Understandably, a network that connects just about everything in your life, from house alarms and door locks to family calendars and medical data, is one that you don’t want anyone breaking into.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to mitigate these potential security risks.

What Can You Do to Prevent Security Breaches?

  1. Start with Security in Mind

Whether you’re building your system yourself or working with a kit, do your homework before you ever connect your smartphone  It’s much easier to start with a secure system than to try and patch up an insecure one.Don’t be distracted by the bells and whistles of fancy systems.

  1. Maximise Security Features

It’s a big mistake to settle for the default security settings on your smart devices.  Most devices offer enhanced security options, but you have to take the time to enable them. Find out the level of security you can add to each device and learn how to upgrade it from factory defaults.Always change a device’s default password to a strong password that includes a random combination of numbers, symbols, and both uppercase and lowercase letters. Make use of password generators to come up with and manage complicated passwords that are difficult to hack.

  1. Protect Your Network

To make sure it’s not the latter, set your router to employ the strongest Password available. In most cases, WPA2 encryption — with a secure password — is going to be your safest bet.Most wireless routers will let you set up more than one network, allowing you to have separate networks for home automation devices, TVs and computers, and guest Wi-Fi.

  1. Be Prepared for an Attack

Limit what personal information is stored on or accessible from your IoT devices. Make sure all transfers of data are encrypted, and don’t store transactions records on a device or network.It’s a simple fact that the freedom and convenience of home automation comes with some intrinsic risk. However, as IoT technology continues to grow, security is becoming more important If you’ve done your due diligence, you can enjoy the perks of home automation with relatively minimal risk.

Digital Door Locks

Digital Door Lock in Chennai 

A Wonderful Solution for enhancing Home Security

It is important for every home to use an appropriate locking system that can enable them to feel secured and leads a tension-free life and ensure absolute safety of the assets. These days, there are present numerous companies that offer Digital Door Lock in Chennai. The Smart Door Lock is regarded to be a crucial and effective locking system to be used by each and every home owner in the region.

A digital door lock system is equipment that uses the digital information such as secret code, semi-conductors, smart card, and finger prints as the method for authentication instead of the legacy key system. digital door locks offers you and your family security and peace of mind, but above all the convenience and flexibility that only a digital solution can provide. Digital doors lock with primary use of digital code to open the lock, also enjoy the privileges of easy integration with automation. Do you sometimes wish you could leave your house secure without having to take keys with you? Our Keyless Digital Locks brings many of the same advantages, which can be fitted to most front doors just like a conventional night latch. Our Keyless Digital Lock lets you unlock your front door by entering a simple code. No keys, no hassle, no fuss? Just keep a PIN number in your head! You can even create a temporary code to give other people access to your home when you want to, and delete that code just easily. With a click of a button you could quickly gain access to your home. At Homefx Automation, we think that convenience should be at the center of all activities. We want to make things as simple and easy for you day in day out. Our electronic door locks allow you to have the peace of mind and convenient door locking solution in your home or office.Digital door lock provide control over your doors on a smartphone from wherever you may be.Our range of Digital Door Locks allows you to leave your home without keys and simplify your life in many ways. Digital locks for Residential, Offices, and Hotels are available. Continue reading