Wulian 720P HD Wireless Smart LookEver Camera


Main Features:
2 Wireless Network: Support IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.11 b/g/n protocol
ZigBee Technology: A smart home system communication protocol featuring short distance, low complexity, low energy consumption, low bit rate, low case and high security
WiFi Connection: Support wireless, you can put it anywhere you want, and easy to install
720P High Definition: 720P footage, the definition is 3 times higher than ordinary cameras
Account Sharing: Support multi-user access, you can share your video with friends by inputting their accounts
Video Playback: Micro SD card playback at anytime, support video playback on client side
SD Card Storage: Safe and permanent storage of video, support Micro SD local storage up to 32G(not included), you can playback at any time
Talkback Function: MIC and loud-speaker are offered, two-way intercom, communication will be more convenient
Motion Detection Technology: The smart phone will receive alarm when abnormal motion is detected, you could check the real-time status of your home property anytime and anywhere
Support Zoom Shot: Zoom shot available
Phone Monitor: User can receive message and watch videos remotely via smart phone and PC
Real Time Intercom Function makes it easy for you to have video chat with your family even if far away from home
High Compression Ratio: Adopts H.264 compression format and low bandwidth makes for clear and smooth image of remote camera shooting
111 Degree Wide View Angle Lens: Meet your different needs
APP Remote Control, get rid of the traditional infant care is restricted by distance from the problem
Super Compatibility: Support for iPhone 6S / 6S Plus / 6 / 6 Plus / iPad Pro / iPad / iOS 7.0 or above and Android 4.0 or above smart device
• Also can be used as a security guard
• High definition optical glass lens with F2.0 makes the image of camera shooting clear and stable
• No dead angle monitoring with 360 degrees of pan and greater than 180 degrees of tilt rotation angle
• Delicate appearance and no wiring in installation
• Artistic APP interface with easy operation
• Specially designed for the baby and old people, nurse, can be timely monitor screen and passed on to the user’s mobile phone / computer
• User even if born in field, also can see children in the home through the device, clear images, and can through the mobile phone and care for the intercom / listening

• The gateway function of this product currently only supports Wulian ZigBee-based products
• Black color is 2.8mm Zoom, it can associated with 1 Wulian products
• White color is 3.6mm Zoom, it can associated with 3 Wulian products
• Blue color is 4.0mm Zoom, it can associated with 6 Wulian products



Together, Piper + the Fibaro Motion Sensor create the ultimate security beast


For those of you who already own the Piper smart security camera, or are thinking about expanding your home’s security features with smart devices, you can now double up your home’s security by pairing it with the Fibaro motion sensor.

This is just one more (VERY big and epic) way to use the Fibaro motion sensor.

Watch the 2 minute video below on how to easily bridge Piper nv (the newest version) with our motion sensor for the smartest home security option out there. It’s so easy that just about anyone can do it. In under 5 minutes you can have top notch security installed by you, the person who knows your home the best. Happy connecting!

Intelligent Homes are Here! 6 things to Check before Buying a home automation system…….


  1. Price
    The home automation is a niche market in this stage and yet a customer has a range of choices from affordable systems starting at INR 5000 thousand to more than INR 4 lakhs for automating the entire house. However, customers must be wary of choosing a product based on its price alone. Weighing in multiple criteria, a solid home automation system at a spend of INR 1–1.5 lakhs is worth the investment.
  2. Installation
    One of the most overlooked factors in a home automation is the simplicity of the product — not only in terms of the user experience but also in terms of the installation process. An easy-to-install home automation product is not only a reflection of the customer-centric design principles used but also a practical consideration for the customer when the system needs to be refitted to one’s new house, if ever.
  3. IR control
    A good home automation system not only controls devices but also integrates as many appliances as possible. One of the problems of home automation products manufactured by named appliance brands is that it is only compatible with the brand’s devices and you cannot integrate other manufacturers’ products. To develop a way around this problem companies are using new technologies to great effect and one such example has been the use of Infrared (IR) blasters in the system. IR controls lets you control multiple appliances which respond to IR signals — which include almost all remote-controlled devices.
  4. A Human Touch
    With increasing complexity in the behind-the-scenes technology, there’s a risk that the system itself becomes increasingly difficult to use with devices. A good home automation system must therefore be as easy to use as possible. Most home automation systems have their own mobile apps. Opt for a system that doesn’t have multiple apps to control different things i.e. all the controls and features should be within a single app that is both user friendly and easy to use.
  5. Data Security
    With major breakthrough in communication protocols and wireless technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) surely offers some great opportunity in home automation, but one of the major concerns since the dawn of IoT has been integrity of the system when attacked by the hackers. Recently Wired covered a story about security breach, it surely shocked the world and reminded us of the dangers of hyper-connectivity. A good parameter for choosing a secure home automation system should not only be the external security measures (CCTV, IP Camera, Video Door Phone/Bell), but also the internal security measures a system provides considering the threats from hackers also. Watch out for the grade of encryption protocols used to keep your data safe.
  6. Refitting
    One of the most common reasons for not adopting home automation solutions is that people don’t own apartments, they rent them and then keep shifting as tenants. So how would they shift/move their automation systems? However, even if you are a tenant, installing a home automation system should no longer be a problem, as long as the manufacturer offers a flexible and easy to understand refitting/ re-installation policy. Thus, your home automation solution moves with you to your new place, just as any of your furniture.homefx


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Leaf Technologies are a Mumbai based company offering a home automation product called Air. We are the only company offering a refitting solution in India.Homefx  Automation Took Distributor and Dealer for South India… We use state of the art encryption and complex algorithms to ensure the integrity of the system is intact in worst conditions. To know more about us, check out our Website

A day in life #With Leaf Air Home Automation


Excited by the idea to control everything in your home from your smart phone, I decided to give Air a try. By the way, I am Deepesh, an excited user of Air.

Here is my first day to night experience with Air (of course after the installation the previous night!)


The day started early as I woke up suddenly not realizing the clock had hit 7! On usual days I get up at 6:30 to toast my bread and brew coffee. But this wasn’t just another day, this was in-fact an Air day.
So I left my cozy bed hailing the Air for that extra half an hour of sleep and walked down to the kitchen to eat my breakfast (without having to prepare it!). Some freshly toasted toasts popped out of the toaster as I entered the kitchen, one of the best sights in the morning. As I grabbed the toasts I heard a beeping sound from the coffee machine, this actually happens! I pour some coffee and peacefully sit to take my breakfast happily after a long time. While having the breakfast, I received a notif from Air saying my geyser will be turned on as scheduled! Peace.

After a refreshing shower I hurried towards my car (because its not fun until I reach my office late 😛 )and drove down the office. As I got busy working, I received a notification from Air saying that my AC had been turned off.1-I2VHUtfusTo82sijkv-ZIA

Being too excited with the new gadget than usual at the office, I invited a few of my friends to experience the magic of my new device(and also to unveil my secret).
While driving back home, I stopped by a store to get some snacks for the guests at home. It had been a hot day than usual one and I didn’t want to enter a really oven-like home so I put on AC just to enter a perfectly cooled home, of-course with a phone.

As expected the house was cool and welcoming. As my friends came over, the first thing they noticed was the unique and stylish design of the Air (flaunting never gets old 😀 )


As the evening grew, we started chatting about how the technology has advanced and how it has grown in the past 10 years, changing the face of Earth. Once we all saturated ourselves with tech talks, we began to enjoy the music. Finding the perfect mood, I set the ambiance of room to warm white sitting just on my couch, leaving everyone by surprise with one more feature of Air. It created a perfect atmosphere to dance and enjoy the soft music. While everyone danced, I just smiled for the wonderful day I had.

After dinner as they leave overjoyed and captivated by Air, I cleared the tables and the mess. After hitting the bed,I casually switched off the lamp, set the schedule for the next day for Air and dozed off.

This story was shared by Deepesh, one of our Air users. We are really grateful for his support and look forward to make more faces happy, create more moments with friends, make more homes connected. We are Team Leaf.

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