Top 10 Questions You May Want To ask About Wulian Smart Home


1. What is Wulian?
Wulian is one of our smart home brands. Our company’s full name is Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co.,Ltd. At present our company has issued 3 brands which are Wulian, Smart Room and Wulian Home respectively. Wulian is the largest and most popular brand of our company.
2. What’s the major business of your firm?
Our company is specialized in smart home system and solution manufacture, marketing and R&D. We are the ZigBee Alliance China Regional Headquarter. Our products contain many detectors and sensors, including the field of switch, appliances control, security protection, environmental regulation as well as irrigation system.
3. Which technology do you apply to?
Our products are based on ZigBee technology which is the latest technology of smart home system. Adopted mesh, tree and satellite topological structure, ZigBee technology is secure and stable enough. It enables to run as much as 65000 sensors in one gateway. So, this technology is the best smart home system solution.
4. Where is your company and how large it is?
Our company headquarter is located in Nanjing, China and we now have 6 sub-branches in China such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing and Changsha. In Jan, 2014, our company has moved to the new headquarter building called U-Park situated in Jiangning District, Nanjing, where is the cluster of many wireless and high-technology corporations. At present, our company has over 200 employees and staffs with over 50% of them are bachelor degree or above.
5. What is the function and purpose of your products?
Our smart home products aims to improve people’s living standard and quality bring more convenience to people as well as create a secure and comfortable home for you.
6. How many agents do you have?
Currently, Wulian has more than 300 agents in Mainland China as well as more than 20 agents and distributors at overseas countries including Israel, India, Pakistan, Australian, UAE, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Russia etc.
7. How much is your product?
Our products are all in moderate cost as well as good quality. Most of our products are cheaper than any other smart home manufacturers.
8. Where to buy your products?
You are welcome to buy our products at local agents or our Distributor You can also contact us We will send the product catalog and data sheet to you as soon as possible.
9. How can I know more about you?
You are welcome to visit our company official website and our video on Youtube by searching “Homefx Automation”.
10. Do you operate OEM business cooperation?
Yes. We are capable of running OEM business cooperation with other companies. Now, many of our cooperative partners are in OEM business collaboration model. So, if you have interest to work with us in OEM, it is acceptable.

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