If not now, when? #WithAir

If I have to define myself in one quote, it would be “To travel is to live.” I have always been an avid traveler or to say, traveling has always been my way of escaping the world and finding the real myself. I am more of an explorer than a tourist, building stories and creating memories on my way. Seeking new adventures, meeting new people and learning about their cultures are some of my fondest memories on my trip so far and that is where I realized how all of us are so alike just occupying different spaces on this Earth, making me wonder about the homogeneity of this world, the world is round!


Travel is never a matter of money but courage and somewhat time. Over the last couple of years some factors have led me to restrict my wanderlust which included my tight work schedule and the thought of leaving my home with no one around made me kind of unsure because in my last trip while I was busy exploring the world, someone else was busy intruding my happy home. Too late to realize, I returned only to find all my valuables, belongings gone. Moreover the intruders tarnished my little souvenirs collected from my trips so far, making me feel robbed of my precious memories.

While I can never really get over trauma of the incident, I am really thankful to my neighbors for the support they showed. But looking at my ransacked home made me realize that there is a limit to where my neighbors or my watchman or in fact CCTV can help me keep my home safe while I am gone, they are not fail safe measures but rather after fail measures! It made me wonder how is it possible to be connected to my home even while I am thousand miles away and that is when I met Air.

Among the many features of Air, I particularly use its safety feature to be updated and keep my travelling alive. Since then there’s no looking back. Air has this feature called “Auto Away” which activates the security mode of my room, making Air aware of any intrusion, instantly notifying me if someone tries to breach my home. In this way I can always be connected to my home without any worry as now if any thing goes wrong, I simply ask my watchman to go have a look! No more spoilers for holding me back. As my home is mine to take care of and in any case wouldn’t want any intruder to take advantage of my absence.

So thanks to Air and the Team for giving me back my peace of mind while I travel. To all my friends out there who are holding themselves back from travelling, don’t let time and routine define your life. Figure out a way to overcome all your excuses to travel this world, in my case it was my home which thanks to Air is now safe, in your case it maybe something else.

So go on and explore because the tans will fade but the memories will last forever…


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