Is owning a smart home really a smart choice?


Technology has been constantly touching lives, with never-imagined devices flooding the global market. Smart homes, a concept for making the human living much more advanced and comfortable, has been gaining popularity and has slowly made its way into the market, especially since IOT became more popular. With smart home products getting more affordable, it’s clear that smart homes aren’t just for billionaires anymore, and upgrading to a smart home is much more simpler than you may think. But new technology always makes a man skeptical of its value in his life, and he often ends up ignoring it because of the confusion. So let’s find out if upgrading to a smart home is really a smart decision or not.


Smart homes have great practical applications, the most important one being of energy saving. As the user has total control over the appliances, the energy sucking appliances can be shut when not needed. Also, smart homes can recognize when the house is empty, and can save power by shutting down the unwanted appliances. With apps getting more and more advanced, users can get a whole bunch of information, including the estimated electricity bill for the month.

Another very important reason for having a smart home is better home security. Most smart home solutions provide better security with the help of their motion sensors, alerting you if there is an unwanted intrusion. If there indeed is an intrusion and you are not around, you can trigger a siren (if connected at home) through the app to notify the people around. In some smart homes, there is the feature of your door locking and unlocking automatically without needing a key. So, if by mistake you forget to close the door in hurry, or you forget your keys, there’s no need to worry as the door will automatically control itself.


Smart homes can also prevent a disaster from taking place. For example, if your home is prone to water leaks, a moisture sensor can notify you if there is a water leak happening at your home, hence giving you time to rectify it before it worsens. With the help of various sensors like temperature and humidity sensors, smart homes can also keep you away from being sick, by notifying you if the level of humidity or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) is high. And with these sensors in place, your smart home will make sure you get the perfect sleep by setting the room to an optimal temperature for your body.

Comfort is something we all desire, and with a smart home your life will surely become much more comfortable. You won’t have to get up to switch off the lights, or get frustrated over finding the remote of the air conditioner. There’s no need to wake up to those irritating alarm ringtones, as you can set your lights to gradually get brighter and wake you up with less irritation. And with options for scheduling, you can create schedules for your lights and other appliances, without having to switch the on and off every time. A great time saver indeed!


Keeping this in mind it makes sense to say that upgrading to a smart home is more of a necessity than a luxury. And with better installation processes, upgrading to a smart home shouldn’t be a difficulty at all. A better lifestyle, reduced bills and better home security- having a smart home is undoubtedly a smart decision.Air is a Smart home automation solution that looks cool, saves power


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