A summer BBQ needs a smart home automation


The season of outdoor entertainment is upon us, and we couldn’t be happier!  With all of the various outdoor parties – birthdays, engagement celebrations, promotions, etc. – make sure your home is smart and ready to accommodate your busy entertaining schedule, while also impressing your guests.

Imagine, you’ve finished prepping the veggie tray in the kitchen when you hear a knock at the door. At the same time, you’ve received a notification that the motion sensor detected movement, the live camera feed comes up directly your phone. Instead of stopping what you’re doing to go open the door, simply unlock it with the push of a button on your phone and let the guest know to “come on in!”

As the guests continue to arrive, you can keep letting them in without leaving the backyard.


With a flow of people going in and out of the home to use the bathroom, you get a notification from your home center that several doors have been open more than set time and the AC is running.  The pop up message asks you if you would like to turn the AC off.  You can do it without having to walk away from your conversation by simply opening your app and hitting a button.

The party is a success, and has now gone past sunset. With the push of a button, turn on your outdoor entertaining scene, which turns on the patio and sidewalk lighting, and activates some mellow background music.


When it’s time for dessert, turn on the coffee maker while relaxing in a lounge chair.

Not only does a smart home provide you with convenience, it also allows you to spend more time with your guests. With a home like this, not only will you be King of the Grill, you’ll be King of the Summer.


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